1. Where are we talking from today? This week I’m talking out of NJ. 2. How did you get involved in music? I got involved in music when I was a BMX athlete picking songs that I would perform to my style and creating BMX videos. This lead to findingContinue Reading

ASAP Rocky was finally released from jail in Sweden. He won’t have to do anymore jail time thankfully. He missed out on performing several concerts during his incarceration, which essentially means he missed out on several pay days.I question like many others, why he was arrested in the first place;Continue Reading

Chicago, IL August 8th, 2019 – r&b and soul singer Brandon James has released his new music video for the single “So Emotional.” To view the video please visit – https://youtu.be/i9IzxZyPbhU“So Emotional” is a vocally driven, captivating song where Brandon James sings with absolute passion. His vocals are only complementedContinue Reading